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  • 07Aug
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    The “Prognoz” company continues to develop research and educational projects in which students and young scientists have the opportunity to learn from the recognized authorities of the international scientific community.

    From May 31 to June 3 in Perm was Summer School on Spatial Econometrics Prognoz Summer School in 2013 under the leadership of the University of Illinois Professor Anil Bera.

    There were 26 participants on Summer School : teachers and students of the department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics (PSU), students of the Higher School of Economics (Perm city), the staff of “Prognoz”. Among them there were the winners of BI University Cup, which held at the School to present their projects in the field of Econometrics using analytical tools of Prognoz Platform.

    Activities of the School was organized at the country club named “Russian country estate,” which allowed students and experts to communicate in a fairly informal and creative atmosphere. According to the organizers, holding Prognoz Summer School on a regular basis with the participation of world  leading scientists and teachers will continue create a research student community of the Department of ISMME and “Prognoz” company.


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